Jaro Books: Omar Epps Releases Heartwarming Memoir, “From Fatherless to Fatherhood”

“From Fatherless to Fatherhood” by Omar Epps

Actor Omar Epps, widely known for starring in classics such as “Juice,” “Love and Basketball,” and the critically acclaimed series “House,” has released his first memoir. Titled From Fatherless to Fatherhood, the autobiography documents Epps’s humble journey while intimately exploring how various obstacles he faced ultimately led to his success as both an actor and a wonderful, loving father.

By recounting his personal struggles of growing up without his biological father and then entering fatherhood himself, Epps is able to spark relevant discussions among readers about the lifelong impact that fathers have on their children, and how crucial it is to break the damaging cycle of fatherlessness.

“Fatherhood is about much more than providing food and shelter for a child,” said Epps. “It’s about much more than cutting a check to check a box. Fatherhood is about being active in a child’s life, and cultivating those sacred bonds of family. It’s about guiding and teaching a child how to be a loving, honest, respectful individual who will permeate goodness to all they encounter.”

Being raised by a hard-working single mother and happily married to a loving wife, he also praises and empowers women for their unyielding strength in motherhood and beyond. Additionally, Epps reflects on his early acting days in his memoir, telling stories about the decisions he made that eventually guided him to the path of success.

Read the memoir’s full synopsis below:

“We live in a society where so many men have abandoned their duties as fathers altogether. Others have surmised their parental obligations are limited to material needs. As a result, thousands upon thousands of children grow up fatherless, hurt, and resentful.

In From Fatherless to Fatherhood, author and world-renowned actor Omar Epps chronicles his journey from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, to the bright lights of Hollywood. Having grown up without his biological father, then becoming a father himself, Epps shares his story of pain and triumph in a uniquely visceral way. It’s an intimate, unapologetic, and emotional conversation about childhood, manhood, and parenting. From Fatherless to Fatherhood touches on many themes surrounding the importance of family and community. It also shows how men can break the cycle of fatherlessness within their families, and come to terms with their own issues surrounding their fathers.”

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